Welcome to Doyle Ecological Services

As an ecologist, my focus  lies at the intersection of ecological research, education, land management and conservation.  Whether you are seeking to develop a forest stewardship plan for your family forest, a natural resource inventory for your town, an interpretive trail or an education program, let's discuss how I can work with you to meet your needs.  I am motivated by a belief that fostering connections with the land and conserving intact ecosystems and their services strengthens and builds vibrant human and natural communities.

    --Kathy Doyle

Field Trip for Staying Connected.

Natural Resource Inventory and Conservation Planning

Rivers, wetlands, forests, lakes and mountains provide clean air, water and soil, resilience to flooding, the storage of carbon. diverse animal and plant habitat and a host of other products and services.  Doyle Ecological Services will work with you to assess natural features and the critical ecosystem services they provide and develop strategies to sustain them.


Forest and Land Management Planning

The private landowners of the northeast care about maintaining healthy forests to ensure clean water, healthy soil, vital wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, recreational opportunities and quality forest products for today and tomorrow.  Doyle Ecological Services will help you navigate choices to design a stewardship plan for a healthy forest that's in line with your values and needs.  

Communications, Outreach and Education

Doyle Ecological Services weaves together stories, research, photographs and maps to help you get your message across.  We will partner with you to create a conservation plan, a series of natural history articles, an interpretive trail guide, a place-based curriculum, or an education program that helps you connect with a  range of interests and audiences.